Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The most beautiful things are felt with the hearth #edcmooc


Listen to the quote of The Little Prince, written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 

Studying the MOOC of eLearning and Digital Cultures has made me think learning as a personal way of working and acting. And at the same time learning is also social. Use of social media includes a set of ideas about transformation and social gathering, mass participation, user-generated content, openness, flexibility, collaboration and community.

In this MOOC course the open materials and transparency of learning processes have been very helpful for me. It has been fascinating to learn a lot in practice about pedagogy: there have not been teachers or instructors, but coaches and peer tutors.

The Utopia of the future of learning for me is human beings and machines working together for better world. One hint of this progress is e.g. a classmate robot, which allows a student attend classroom remotely.

I see the Dystopia of the future of learning as world where ”Every Brother is watching you”. Fear of openness has restricted the innovative use of online resources and networks. People refuse to use web-based technology inside of classroom context and for educational purposes.

My learning cloud

Time line of my learning
(picture of iPad and a cock is from Heikki Kuula, page 6)

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